The Vector File Attribute List contains all information FMS needs to manage the files used for storing vectors. You provide an empty array to subroutine FMSOV or FMSOV2 when the file is opened and FMS fills in the necessary information. You then provide this array to each FMS subroutine you call to perform operations on the vector.

LUX(1) contains the file number and LUX(4) the record length. You will need this information when you read and write data to the file.

The following table lists the information stored in the Vector File Attribute List.

Vector File Attribute List
Word Name Description
1 LUX FMS file number.
2 NONE Reserved for future use.
3 NUMEQ Number of equations in the vector.
4 LENREC Length of the vector in words.
This is the record length of file LUX in 8-byte words.
This may be rounded up from IDTYPE*NUMEQ.
5 IDTYPE Data type (1=real, 2=complex).
6 NUMVEC Number of vectors.
This is the number of records on file LUX.
7 IVSTAT Vector status.
  • 0, Right-hand side vectors.
  • 1, Reduced vectors.
    For symmetric problems, the vectors also have been scaled by the diagonal factor reciprocals.
  • 2, Solution vectors.

This parameter catches possible errors when vector files are specified during the factoring and solution process. When the file is opened, IVSTAT is initialized to 0. After forward reduction and diagonal scaling, IVSTAT is set to 1. At the end of vector solution, IVSTAT is set to 2. If a nonlinear analysis is being performed,and right-hand side vectors are written to the file more than once, IVSTAT must be reset to 0 as follows:

        LUX(7)  =  0.
8 IQSV Queue/Stripe/Volume number.
9 IOPEN Address space.
  • 0, In FMS managed memory or disk,
  • 1, In the application.
    This file was created by calling FMSOV2.
10 - 25 NONE Reserved for future use.