Data Type


Default Value



This parameter determines whether FMS flushes all writes, and waits on write operations during factoring. The following options are available:

  • 0, Do not flush writes or wait on writes during factoring. Provides for the maximum asynchronous I/O.
  • 1, Flush all writes to disk. These flush operations are performed by the I/O threads and operate in parallel with processing. They assure that data written to disk is actually placed on the disk, rather than remaining in memory in the buffer cache. If you have specified IOTYPE=2 for direct I/O (available on some machines), this happens automatically.
    In addition, at the end of factoring each segment, FMS waits for any outstanding write operations and saves any additional information which may be required to restart at that point.

This option can be used when factoring a large matrix to save intermediate results should the factoring process stop prematurely. To enable a job to be restarted during factoring, should the job not complete, the following steps are required on the initial job:

To restart a job during factoring, the following steps are required: