Data Type


Default Value

4, but you should set your own value in the License File.


This parameter controls how the triangle solve work is divided between the GPU and CPU processors. The values are expressed as an integer percentage of the amount of work done by the CPUs, ranging from 0 to 100 as follows:

  • 0, Do not use the CPUs for triangle solve.
    Perform all triangle solve work using the GPUs only.
  • 1-99, Use the CPUs for the specified percentage of work.
    The remaining work is performed by the GPUs.
  • 100, Perform all the triangle solve work with the CPUs.
    The GPUs do not do any triangle solve work.

This value is automatically adjusted by FMS during execution based on actual measured performance. A conservative value for CPU work is selected so the more powerful GPU processors do not wait on CPUs.

While FMS will eventually achieve the correct split of CPU and GPU work for your machine and problem, improved performance may be achieved by changing the default of this Parameter to a value closer to your configuration and problem. After some testing you should set the correct default value in the License File.