Data Type




Default Value

0 = determined by FMS in subroutine RSDI, RNDI, CHDI, CSDI, CNDI
Block and Slab matrices only (MFMAT=2 or 3).


This is the block size used for storing the off-diagonal matrix data in [AL] and [AU] on files LUA(1) and LUA(3) for Block and Slab matrices. The record size on files LUA(1) and LUS(3) in REAL*8 (8-byte) words will be approximately

   (record size) = IDTYPE*NEQBIO*NEQBIO
where IDTYPE is 1 for REAL*8 data and 2 for COMPLEX*16 data.

When FMS selects this value, the following factors are considered:

If you change the default value of NEQBIO, FMS may change the value you specify if it determines that your specified value would not allow processing to complete.

If you are creating permanent matrix files in different jobs that you later want to process together, you may need to set NEQBIO so all files will have compatible data storage.