Data Type


Default Value



A nonzero value of this parameter skips the physical opening of FMS files. It is used to estimate the amount of disk space that will be required when files are actually opened by a later application. When using this option, you may perform a reduced initialization by calling FMSIN2, provided no matrix algebra or I/O is being performed. EXAMPLE_20 illustrates how this Parameter may be used to compute disk space requirements.

When a file is opened and this parameter is set, FMS skips the final open and assigns a file ID of 0 for the file. All other operations are performed the same as if the file were physically opened. When a matrix file is opened by calling RSDI, RNDI, CHDI, CSDI or CNDI, the returned Matrix File Attribute list is completed. When a vector file is opened by calling FMSOV, the returned Vector File Attribute list is completed. If you list the open FMS files by calling FMSCST(" SHOW", "FILES"), the files will be listed.

When you no longer need the opened files, you should call FMSCM to close matrix files or FMSCV to close vector files.

Several FMS Parameters influence how files are blocked and the amount of storage that will be required. Normally these parameters are set automatically if you are using the target machine to estimate disk space for an application on the same machine. However, if you want to estimate the disk space requirements for a different machine, you should set the following FMS Parameters values for the target machine on which the files will actually be opened. These Parameters may be set in the license file.

NAME Function
Hardware Parameters
MAXCPU Number of processors to use
MAXMD Amount of memory to use (8-byte words)
MDUSED Amount of memory already used (8-byte words, read-only)
LPAGE Page size (bytes)
ITPCPU Processor type (1=scalar, 2=vector)
LENVRG Vector register length (8-byte words)
NUMA Parameters
NUMAFL Master flag. Must be set to 1 for any of the following parameters to take effect.
NPNODE Number of processors per node
NUMNOD Number of nodes (read-only)
MAXLMD Stride between nodes for placing memory (bytes)
File Parameters
INCORE File location (disk or memory)
NUMIOQ Number of I/O queues
NUMSTP Number of stripes per queue
LSECTR Disk sector length (8-byte words)
Matrix File Initialization Parameters
NEQBIO I/O block size (BLOCK & SLAB format)
NEQBLK Compute block size
NEQBLO Minimum compute block size
NEQBHI Maximum compute block size
NEQBV Vector block size
Matrix Factoring Parameters
IALGOR Optional factoring algorithms