This download HTML manual is distributed as a compressed Unix TAR file


In order to install it on your system, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Transfer into the directory above where you want the manual. You may do this by a download, ftp or cp operation.
    NOTE: File fmsman.tar.gz MUST be transferred as a binary file.
  2. Decompress the file as follows:

    % gunzip fmsman.tar.gz

    This will change the file to fmsman.tar.
  3. Expand the TAR file:

    %tar -vfx fmsman.tar

    This will create a subdirectory called fmsman. In directory fmsman you should find the following:
    File Contents
    FMS_Manual.html The home page for the manual
    fmsman.css The cascading stylesheet for the manual
    doc The subdirectory containing the manual text files
    exm The subdirectory containing the examples
    img The subdirectory containing the image files.
    par The subdirectory containing all the FMS Parameter descriptions.
    sub The subdirectory containing all the FMS subroutine descriptions.
    iwatch The subdirectory containing all the Dashboard examples.
  4. If you want to install the manual on another or different system, transfer the directory fmsman and all subdirectories to the target system. You must preserve the relative directory structure on the target system.

    NOTE: the /img directory contains all .gif files, which must be transferred as binary. All other files should be transferred as ascii.

  5. Set a bookmark in your WEB browser pointing to the file FMS_Manual.html.

    On Windows systems, just double click on the file. When the page displays, select "Add to Favorites..." under the Favorites tab.

    On Unix or Linux systems, enter the address pointing to file FMS_Manual.html. This will be of the form



    /path is the path to the fmsman directory.